I'm trying to customise a form based on the code they give you from the Universal Currency Converter service (http://www.xe.com/ucc/).

When the submit button is clicked in a form, I need for the UCC page to pop-up in a new browser windown (this is already happening), but also I want my page (in which the form is embedded) to be reloaded and supplied with the currency code selected.

Take a look at this standard HTML:

<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi" target=_"top">
<INPUT VALUE="Click Here to Perform Currency Conversion" type=submit>

It works fine - it loads up a new browser window with the results of my currency conversion. Great, no problem. But how do I make use of javascript so that when the submit button is pressed, the 'source' page is also refreshed AND supplied (in the URL, eg. source.html?code=GBP) with the "To" currency I've just selected? If I can get it to do this, then I plan to store this currency code in a PHP session variable (or maybe a cookie) so that the chosen "To" currency is remembered (SELECTED) for next time.

Thanks in anticipation.