I am planning to setup a separate mysql server, so I need some advises from those who have had experience with hugh load of mysql connections/requests.

I have tried one (1) dedicated mysql server and one (1) dedicated apache web server.

Problem: MySQL server ran out of resources (huge cpu load) before the apache web server, so the apache web was unable to connect to the mysql server and outputed something like "Too many connections".

1. How would you setup the mysql server to handle multiple webservers connections/requests? I mean how could a single mysql server handle many webserver making thouand and thousand of requests/connections every second?


For mysql, I am planning to install an OS (linux) on 1 hard drive, and mysql on a PowerVault. Like if the os crashes, I can plug the PowerVault of another server and get the mysql server back online instantly like plug and play. That way I can setup a clean os (linux) server, plug in the PowerVault to the server, and it works instantly.

2. Am I able to do this?


If I am planning to do daily backup of 50GB+ database, what would be the best approach and what backup software is recommended? Same for restoring a hugh database.