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    username and password (was "MySQL Questions (Will Help Readers. Once answered)")

    Hi Gurus,

    I m making a dynamic website.
    I m now installing MySQL on my computer. I know that for the security reasons I should not use the Default ROOT username and its passwrd.

    Now I want to know that what should I Do ? Like, okay I will change that ROT username and Passwrd. But for the visitors to use my web, Should i create some other account for the visitors ? only having Reading and Writing rights no deleting rights ?????

    Moreover, like if there is a need that the Visitor will delete his entries ? then what account should I use?

    2ndly, what to do for the ADMIN account ?

    Please help

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    i typically set up 2 mysql user accounts for my website: one for logged in users, and one for visitors. visitors only have INSERT and UPDATE rights on specific tables where necessary. once a user logs in, my PHP scripts detect a logged in user using session variables and uses a different user account for all the mysql queries. this second account has more rights, but never more than is strictly needed to do what they need to do.


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