To those that "don't need" php 5. I remember that I did not need ASP 3.0 for about 6 months after it's release. Then one fine day I wanted to transfer the processing of an application to another script. You could not do this in ASP 2.0 without doing some serious coding in the global.asx file. But lo' in ASP 3.0 there was sever.execute and server.transfer. I spent two months scrambling to learn ASP 3.0 after that. Suddenly all my scripts even the ones that I had gotten from FourGuysFromRolla became simpler and easier to work with.

Sooner or later there will be something in php5 that you need. Something simple. It probably is already there but since the new functions are not documented very well and have no examples they are hard to see as being better or helpful right now.