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    Need to dynamically create HTML table to display resultset

    I have a resultset which has

    It contains all the players in a competition along with their team and the type of player they are. I need to dynamically create a table which can contain this information. Bearing in mind that there are no set number of players, but there are 4 player types and 4 teams.

    The HTML table that I want to put these people into is 5 rows x 5 columns

    Hopefully it's not too long for you but I just wanted to give you a full picture (below) of how the code looks. My mind is flaking a bit trying to work out how to create this table dynamically and would absolutely love some help. I can see it going down the road of some FOR loops?? Could someone suggest an approach to this please?

    HTML Code:
    <table width="100%" border="1" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">
        <th scope="col">&nbsp;</th>
        <th scope="col">Player_type A </th>
        <th scope="col">Player_type B </th>
        <th scope="col">Player_type C </th>
        <th scope="col">Player_type D </th>
        <td scope="row">Team 1 </td>
        <td>Robert Burns<br />
    		Lord Byron<br />
    		Anton Chekov<br />
    		Tristan Corbi&egrave;re</td>
        <td>Dooly Wood<br />
    		Kenneth Tubbs<br />
    		Darren Logan<br />
    		Monty Parth<br />
    		Des Dimona </td>
        <td>Stephen Crane<br />
    		Ren&eacute; Daumal<br />
    		Jean de Brunhoff<br />
    		Guy de Maupassant<br />
    		Fyodor Dostoevski</td>
        <td>Paul Laurence Dunbar<br />
    		Paul &Eacute;luard<br />
    		Ralph Waldo Emerson<br />
    		Maxim Gorky</td>
        <td scope="row">Team 2 </td>
        <td>John Reed<br />
    		Edmond Rostand<br />
    		Jean-Jacques Rousseau<br />
    		John Ruskin<br />
    		Albert Samain<br />
    		Friedrich Schiller</td>
        <td>Edgar Allan Poe<br />
    		Alexander Pope<br />
    		Llewelyn Powys<br />
    		Winthrop Mackworth Praed</td>
        <td>Somerset Maugham<br />
    		Moli&egrave;re<br />
    		Eugene O'Neill<br />
    		George Orwell<br />
    		Walker Percy</td>
        <td>Franz Kafka<br />
    		John Keats<br />
    		Charles Kingsley<br />
    		Sidney Lanier<br />
    		D. H. Lawrence<br />
    		Katherine Mansfield</td>
        <td scope="row">Team 3 </td>
        <td>Washington Irving<br />
    		Panait Istrati<br />
    		Helen Hunt Jackson<br />
    		Alfred Jarry<br />
    		Samuel Johnson</td>
        <td>Saima Harmaja<br />
    		Iulia Hasdeu<br />
    		Robert A. Heinlein<br />
    		Miguel Hern&aacute;ndez</td>
        <td>Percy Bysshe Shelley<br />
    		Juliusz Slowacki<br />
    		Tobias Smollett</td>
        <td>Francis Thompson<br />
    		Henry David Thoreau<br />
        <td scope="row">Team 4 </td>
        <td>Lesya Ukrainka<br />
    		Thomas Wolfe<br />
    		Ji Wolker<br />
    		Fredric Bartholdi<br />
    		Marie Bashkirtseff</td>
        <td>Aubrey Beardsley<br />
    		Harry Clarke<br />
    		Paul Gauguin<br />
    		Boris Kustodiev</td>
        <td>Amedeo Modigliani<br />
    		Elizabeth Siddal<br />
    		Andrei Ryabushkin</td>
        <td>Laurence Sterne<br />
    		Robert Louis Stevenson<br />
    		Alan Sillitoe<br />
    		Dylan Thomas</td>

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    Well, after 15 lines I stopped trying to write this for you. Suffice it to say, you can definitely do this, and I used a multidimensional array to store the data from iterating through the result set, then ran nested foreach loops to access the inner arrays.

    I got to trying to retrieve the players from the types (accessed as an array inside teams keyed on team name)... and realized I would've had to write an array_multisort to sort each array within the teams array by type to get the data out in the same order as the column headings...

    Good luck

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    i'm vaguely understanding the route that you're taking, but to be honest I'm failing to see it properly. I have been trying to create something, but it's just mush at the moment. Is there any chance of giving me some visual representation of the code to go on?


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