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    how to do upgrade ( copy schema + data) from old DB schema to new DB schema

    Hello All ,

    My name is ron i'm working on Web site project using MySql Database .

    currently we have a version of schema of DB with data for the site beta version .

    I have also newer DB schema for the new version of the site .

    i want to implement upgrade procedure to copy schema+data from one
    version to another version of my Database.

    my question : what is the best way to do the upgrade to the new schema +
    copy all the data from old DB version to the new DB version .

    1) Do i need to write script to create the new DB schema , and also script for all the insert statements ?

    2) If i want this upgrade procedure support transactions , let's say if the procedure of copy the data failed , then i want to Rollback to the previous version.
    Do i need to wite an application ( c# console ) to do this job ?

    3) Is there anyway of checking in the script if the Current DB version is older then the New DB and notify the user ( show an error message if trying to upgrade from New version to old db version )
    The idea is that you can do upgrade only from old to new version and not the opposite.

    Does anybody did something similar to this ?

    thanks in advance


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    3. select version() as v | @rudydotca
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    2. no, transactions in mysql do not support DDL statements. if you use a DDL statement in the query somewhere, it will commit your transaction before continuing.

    1. if you want a script, then you can write it in a script. and both sets of commands can be in the same script.


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