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    Does the IMAP library of funtions in PHP work with Courier IMAP or just WU-IMAP (what about Cyrus IMAP?). You can see I don't know much about IMAP, but am thinking that it is going to be the solution to something I want to do - and being able to manage user mail directories, and even set them up through php sounds bloody brilliant!

    UPDATE: I have found that there is a library for PHP for Cyrus IMAP
    But this library is not anywhere as feature rich as the php imap library (--with-imap)

    Hmm, I was looking at Courier IMAP because I was also looking at the Courier Maildrop application too. (with Postfix as my SMTP MTA). Which I guess leads to the question, does anyone have any particular suggestions, experience with any of the IMAP servers for mail?
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