I found a nice looking menu.js script. Working fine on most pages (right click and the menu pops-up)
Now there are a few pages which use frames and when I choose any other destination from the menu this new page loads in the mainframe page.
So i get two left frames besides eachother...:-(
The menuscript is like this:
// Menu script created by Kari Hollo, Finland
// Use these files "as is". You may modify them freely.
// If you can't get them work after modificatins, I don't care...
// Wrote and tested with MS IE6 only...
// Modified by JavaScript Kit (http://www.javascriptkit.com)
// constants ********

//default/required menu images:
var myi=new Image; myi.src="../menu/icons/arrow__r.gif";		//submenu arrow
var myiw=new Image; myiw.src="..menu/icons/arrow__rw.gif";		//same as white
var myie=new Image; myie.src="../menu/icons/arrow__e.gif";		//empty pic
var myis=new Image; myis.src="../menu/icons/spacer.gif";		//spacer
var myisb=new Image; myisb.src="../menu/icons/spacer__b.gif";	//enpty end pic left to spacer

var kto=2000;	//killTimeout [ms]
var mymenuwidth="150px"     //menu width				
var bg_color="#D6D6D6";	    //colors...
var bg_color_hl="navy";	    //syncronize with css file!!
var fg_color="black";
var fg_color_hl="white";
var spc="#SPACER#";	//spaser sign
var arr="#ARROW#";	//submenu sign

// caption/spacer,icon,gimmick/submenu
var m1=new Array;
m1[0]=new Array("");
m1[1]=new Array("Home","../menu/icons/ico_gun01.gif","goto('http://www.website.nl')");
m1[2]=new Array(spc); //add divider
m1[3]=new Array("Info"+arr,"../menu/icons/pelle.gif",11); //denote sub menu (using "arr")
How can I make it so that the new page always loads normally and not in a frame ?
Hope this makes sense and somebody can help me...
Thanks !