PHP Code:
while ($file readdir($dir))  { 
    if ((
$file != ".") && ($file != ".."))  {
$fname "$dir_name/$file";
$ftime filectime($fname); 
$fsize filesize($fname); 
$ftime date("m/d/Y G:i"$ftime); 
$x "|";
$key[] = $ftime $x $file $x $fsize;

$t=0$t $countfiles$t++)  { 
$listfile each($key); 
$listfile explode("|"$listfile);
$listfilename $listfile[0]; 
$listfiletime $listfile[1]; 
$listfilesize $listfile[2]; 
"<b>$listfilename</b> -  $listfiletime -  $listfilesize<br>";

This script returns a list of 34 lines saying "Array".

If I comment out
PHP Code:
$listfile explode("|"$listfile); 
the script prints out each value of $key (not usable).

I've been back to looking over the array page... I geuss I'm being very dense today, but I still don't understand arrays in the context of this script. Clarification, I know what an array is, I'm just having a little trouble getting this to work.