Hi all

Once again I'm going through the tutorials for RoR... and once again I'm starting to think that Rails isn't for me. Javascript being output from the framework in my mind is just wrong.

I've decided that learning Ruby, however, is something I must do. Ruby feels right, even if Rails doesn't.

I've started to look at Nitro, though two things strike me straight away: built-in AJAX, and ORM. "Built-in" is really starting to get on my nerves.

So, are there any other frameworks for Ruby which are lightweight and don't include ORM and/or AJAX?

I'm looking for something nice and clean, which just abstracts the page controller/model/views for me, which I can extend and use how I want, with no "great features" fudging things up.

Please, please don't go on about how great Rails is in this post. I'm looking for alternatives, not my_life_story_in_ror_v1_0.