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    Giving away large prizes not in a contest.

    I have a site for which I provide a service to the members, all for a small fee. Now Im happy for my customers and I would like to give away prizes to random members. Prizes that exceed $5,000.

    I want to include The US and Canada only. Anyone got a little info for me as I am waiting for my upcoming meething with my lawyer.


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    gotta watch that!

    Have you ever seen those disclaimers on contest ads? It's because the laws vary from state to state in the US.. I gave away a Mickey Mantle rookie card in NY and because we charged admission to the show I had to put a sign up bin out in the lobby before they paid!

    Really flakey laws ... basically if there is any way a fee CAN be attached to a giveaway they call it a "lottery" which we all know the US states control. The only time this can be 100% legal is when the lottery is for a non profit (church, volunteer firefighters etc) but I think even they have to register it.

    Make sure you listen to the lawyer!


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