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Can somebody that prefers open source software explain to me briefly why exactly YOU side with open source instead of closed source?
If something is open source, and I find a problem with it, odds are someone else is too. And probably fixing it. The people that build products simply can't be expected to anticipate every single way it will be used. With open source, the people that use the products can change or create the functionality they want. Simple as that.

I also don't trust closed source. What if the company that develops the product or technology decides to radically alter it in a future version? What if they get bought? What if they discontinue it? With open source, that danger is non-existent because the code is there. You can work on it and support it -- or in extreme cases, fork it. WordPress, one of the most successful PHP apps around, started as a fork of a discontinued blog app.

The argument against open source in terms of its reliability are pretty laughable considering that the entire computer industry, including the Internet, would come crashing to its knees if all of the open source software powering a lot of it stopped working. It's like arguing that the Sun is really unstable and might explode tomorrow. Sure, it's always a possibility, but that certainly hasn't happened in the past 6000+ years (or billions if that's your thing).