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    Email Programs for sending out Newsletters

    Currently, I use Outlook for sending out newsletters, but I've fouond it adds extra code to my HTML pages . Anyone know of a good product that will just send out HTML emails AND NOT ADD CODE?


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    Here's how I handle that problem:

    When I decided to start offering an HTML version of my newsletter, I set up a 2nd list at (free list hosting w/ no ads and up to 100kb/message). My subscribers subscribe to the list at Topica like any other.

    But to post to the list I wrote a quick PHP script and form. In the form I paste in my HTML for the mailing, and with PHP I have written all of the email headers myself to include exactly what I want, the exact content-type I want, and nothing else. So my HTML mailing goes out perfectly, and looks as good as if I were using expensive paid list hosting to accomplish the same thing.

    A PHP script also handles the fact that my subscribe forms have a "text" and "html" radio buttons to choose version, subscribing them to the appropriate list at Topica (sending an email to the appropriate subscribe address from the user's email, then they still reply to the Topica confirmation mail, or I could always just keep the emails in a DB for manual "opt out" addition so that the people wouldn't have to reply to a confirmation mail.)


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