Do you have any and if so can we have a peak please?

I need to put up some. As the forums are growing, me and my mods have more work on our hands. I need to put up some rules that people will have to read before they hit the "agree" button when they register.

The rules will deal with our stand about cat care, a section that I have already put together (basically saying that the owners should spay/neuter their cats, never declaw and not wait for someone on the forums to reply if their cat is ill, but get him to the vet at once). I want some guidelines or code of behavior for humans as well. Telling them not to flame, not to use swear words, not to make duplicate threads etc. I want it all to be very clear and yet not too intimidating and sort of fun to read.

I do have a thread telling people what the forum is all about, how to join and how to post:

but I want some rules of conduct as well.