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    Following your own advice... Putting it in practice

    Has anyone found it's hardest to follow your own advice? There is some great advice on SitePoint and in many books I've read. However, I find it hard to put the ideas into practice. I know they are sound, but implimenting them is difficult (or just time consuming).

    Does anyone else have a hard time taking advice and implimenting it?

    Here's an example... I know I need to better organize my time but often I find myself just flying by the seat of my pants running from one fire to the next. It puts me further and further behind.

    I know exactly what I need to do to resolve that problem, and have for years. I guess it's just hard to make the big changes in how we work, act or think. Unbreaking habits and reforming new ones is just difficult!!

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    Lack of good information is certainly not the problem in our society today. I, too, have read my share of books and articles, and my "to read" list of books with additional "good information" continues to grow. But this glut of information also can bring about much confusion and paralysis. For example, when I first started my business, I composed a list of about 15 or so marketing ideas I could implement, but that was the easy part. Figuring out which ones and how many to "put into practice" was the confusing and paralyzing part.

    Sometimes it's best to figure out the single and most important thing, and focus on doing that. For instance, there are many ideas I could attempt right now to develop new business, but the one thing I'm focuing on is meeting people, because that seem to be the consistent advice I get from other successful business people. Now, for someone like me, I'm much more comfortable staying in my office, so the natural tendency is to avoid doing the right thing. If I don't make a conscious effort, by scheduling meetings and events to attend, then the bad habit of remaining in my cave kicks in.

    The interesting thing is the snowball effect I experience when I do get out. I met with someone on Monday for lunch who, in turn, invited me to a seminar, then introduced me to another person with whom I met for coffee with a few days later. She, in turn, recommended another event I should attend and also gave me the name of a business person she thought I would benefit from meeting with. (And this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened.) Sometimes breaking a bad habit begins with just one small step.


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