I having problems getting php_printer.dll to work . I working with php version 5.1.1 and downloaded the same version for the php_printer.dll . I placed the
statement extension=php_printer.dll in my php.ini . Other extensions load properly so my extensions_dir is defined properly (f:\php\ext). However when I
try to execute the following code , the first statement is a undefined function.

$handle = printer_open();
printer_write($handle, "Text to print");

The extension apparently loads without an error at boot time or restarting IIS.
I placed php_printer.dll in the extension directory. Again it loads without an error message, but all function calls resolve to an undefined function error message.
I am using XP professional, but I have heard that php_printer.dll can work with
XP. Can any one help on this? Thanks , Jim Crooks