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    Major problem with apache/php please help

    i already have apache installed i downloaded the tar version. Its up and running and my site is up. I wanted to install mysql and php so i downloaded both programs. i was following a tutorial here, installed mysql and everything went fine. But when i installed php, the article told me to look for this module in my httpd.conf LoadModule php4_module modules/ now i looked for it in my httpd.conf and that module is not there. In the rpm version of apache it automatically includes that module but in the tar version it does not you have to add it somehow. My question is how do i add that module in my httpd.conf, do i have to recompile or reload apache or something else? need some suggestions very confused

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    RPMs are Evil

    Okay now thats out of my system. I assume you installed the RPM version of Apache. This version usally lacks the apxs mdoule you need to dynamically install modules. My suggestion.

    Remove Apache RPM
    RPM -e Apache

    Recompile apache from the source including --with-apxs

    After you get apache back up and running from the source. You'll need to compile PHP, using --with-apxs=/path/to/apache/bin/apxs

    This flag will automatically add the correct LoadModule line to your httpd.conf.

    So to sum it up, compile MySQL first, then Apache, then PHP.
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