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    Car communities ? charging for membership ?

    I notice alot of sites now mainly car communities are charging for membership nowadays.

    Is it a matter of fact they are needing revenue for the servers ? or is it just plain greed for more revenue =)

    How do u feel about charging members in general ?

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    Charging for membership to forums isn't as crazy as it seems. There are many forums out that require payment to become a member and these places are huge. Benefits to charging for membership include no trolls or spammers (they only bother free forums) and enough money to pay for powerful servers.

    Now why the forums you are refering to are charging for their membership is a good question. But the reasons are kinda moot actually. If they are charging for memebrship and seem to be thriving then they've done a great job of either giving their members value or giving their members the perception of value.


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