I'm about making a design for my page but before moving on I would like to here some opinions about how you deal with controllers.
Is it best to not have to many controllers?

My first idea was to have the following:
  • admin_controller (for admin pages, limited access)
  • public_controller (for public pages)
  • authorize_controller (dealing with the login/logout stuff)

This seems clean and simple. The disadvantage with this solution is that the public and the admin controll might become big.
The advantage that I can see is that it easy to see which controller to updated when adding new features.
Is this a good way to build up the site? As it is now, the controllers are flexible.

The other way I have been thinking of is to have more specific controller, for example:
  • admin_user
  • admin_ news

And so on...

How do you do when you develop, and why?