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I think the problem with PHP is that PHP developers got too drunk with "getting the job done" philosophy.

that lines up with their constant kiss everything principle. well, keeping it simple for them anyways. To keep it easy on the user, the developer has to work harder or at least smarter.

I actually wish they would slow down some, the speed and lack of planning has really kicked in and they are at a cross roads with the language. a decent road map would be nice, not to mention, if they are going to break so much bc, then maybe they should take the time to make a very clean break. like uniform style, function parameters (needle, haystack comes to mind), and IMHO,

have clean classes instead of classes like File in the SPL. Thats nothing but a hacked class wrapper around file functions with a very C procedural like naming convention, not OOP. Not to mention, clean up and comment the code base. =).