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    Printer Friendly Version Protection

    With the latest problems of people linking to your printer friendly version of your content and stealing your valuable ad impressions. I have designed a simple 1 function script with PHP you can use to detect and protect your printer friendly articles. Its pretty simple but it accomplishes its purpose.

    InternetSprite Studios PrinterProtect v1.0 is available at the following locations:

    ZIP Version 2 KB

    RAR Version 2 KB

    Its free for everyone, I hope it will help in the making of your scripts.

    BTW it can be used to protect other things than printer friendly versions of content, you can use the the same script to keep people from linking to your content from certain sites.
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    This won't help me since I don't run a DB-driven site and thus don't have printer-friendly versions, but I'm sure it will be helpful to others. Thanks.


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