I am trying to connect to Informix on a remote HPUX box.
I have downloaded the Informix Client SDK, and recompiled php --with-informix
I'm using PEAR DB to try to connect.
I get an sqlerror 25553, sqlhosts cannot be found.

Having searched and searched, it would seem that not only do I need
but also as $_ENV.
Also, INFORMIXSQLHOSTS as a $_ENV variable.

In phpinfo, there are no $_ENV variables set at all.
I've tried apache with and without the env module.
I've modified the /etc/init.d/apache file to add
env -i PATH=$PATH:/opt/informix/bin:/opt/informix:/opt/informix/etc \
INFORMIXDIR=/opt/informix \
ODBCINI=/opt/informix/etc/odbc.ini \
to the start directive.

Still, no $_ENV appears in phpinfo.

I'm fairly sure I need the array to be set.
If not, I would still like to be able to set it, to rule it out as a possible cause of my Informix connection problems.

Can anyone help?