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    newbie prob - combo boxes

    hi all,

    basically what i am trying to do is to create a registeration system whereby upon filling in detials in a form the user hits submit then their details are echoed back to them in another page which contains hidden variables of everything entered in the form. From here the user will hit submit then will be redirected to the last page which will give a message saying their detials have been input to the database. the only prob i have is that regarding normal text inputs everything is ok, however combo boxes or select boxes are a real problem for me BIG TIME . i keep getting blank entrys as far as these are concerned i need some suggestions as to what i could be doing wrong. also the combo boxes should contain a single value. also what is weird is when printing back the combo boxed variables in the second page it works fine but when going to the third page which calls a method from another page to insert the data the only thing that appears the record is the firstname and surname of the user.let me know asap!

    thanks for your time.

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