WindowsME, Apache, CGI, MySql, PHP 4.0.6, running locally

I upgraded from PHP 4.0.4 to 4.0.6 and now PHP.exe insists on accessing the internet though my firewall whenever a connection to a local mySQL database is made. 4.0.4 does not have this problem and when I switch the old 4.0.4 PHP directory back into use - the problem goes away.

I don't like programs accessing the internet without my permission and I am not always connected to the internet so the connection will fail when not connected. I wonder what the 4.0.6 php.exe is looking for that I am not providing.

WindowsME, Apache, CGI, MySql, PHP 4.0.6 running locally (dropping back to 4.0.4 to avoid the problem). From a Google search it looks like others may be having this problem, but is there a solution? Have others experienced this on this forum?

Thanks - Dave