This is going to sound like a homework question, but I swear I'm not in school. So bear with me.

Here's some pseudo-code that I wrote up.

# I want to be able to create a random numeric string that is the length
# specified by the user. I should take an integer as input and this should
# correspond to the length of the string. I should generate random
# numbers for each positional length until the string is equal to the length
# specified by the user.

Here's where I'm stuck:

  # makes a new string with zero length
    n =
    # function to return random numbers
    # don't want any zeroes and I think
    # i need to return the val as a string
    # and not an integer hence the 'to_s'
    def generateChar
      i = rand(8) + 1
      return i.to_s
    # could be a 'while' - trying until
    # call the generateChar function
    # until the length of the new string
    # is equal to 10. length here is hardcoded
    # but eventually would be a var
    until n.length = 10
      n + generateChar()
      return n
    # yep, generateChar() function works
    # puts generateChar()
    puts n
Not sure where to go here. In PHP you can concatenate strings using the '.=' operator.

To concat in Ruby you use the '+' operator, but I think there's something else wrong in what I'm trying to do.