This might be an elementary, but I don't know of an answer to this one through my trial and errors.

It seems that when using the <form> tags, it creates a space. This was a problem when placing a form inside a table and having an object immediately above or below the tag. So, what I did was place all of the objects inside the form tags. Images, tables, everything so that it created a space before and after the area with the form in it.

Now, I am trying out Netscape 6, and it doesn't show a space where the form tag is.

How can I make is so that the form tag does not visiually create a space, regardless of what browser is used?

I know this is a little hard to understand because it is hard to explain so here is an example:

Load in Netscape 4.7 or IE 5. Along the right hand side, there is a coupld of tables with forms in them. One is "Search This Site" and the other is "Team Mail Users". See the gaps between the tables vertically? That is due to where I have the form tags placed, not because of a <br> tag. Now, if you load the same page in Netscape 6, the gaps are gone and everything is touching each other.

Is there a simple way to keep this from happening? Thanks for any help!