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    Question How to approach non profits for pro bono work

    Hello guys,

    I'm new and wondered maybe you could share some advice.

    I offer web services (marketing and design) and I'm targeting tourism businesses. I don't have any tourism-related clients in my portfolio yet so I want to approach 1-2 tourism non profit associations and suggest to them that I redesign their existing websites for free (pro bono). This would bring a few clients/testimonials related to the market that I want to target.

    The question is, how do I approach them successfully considering I am an individual representing a foreign organisation (yes I'm not local) and they might, therefore, be skeptical about using my services. Phone? Email? Written letter?

    I've already handpicked a few suitable candidates and I don't want to mess things up, it would be quite good having them in my portfolio. What should I have ready before approaching them? My company website? My expert advice website for tourism businesses? Printed materials? What if they already have a happy relationship with another web dev company?


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    i am planning to do the same with 1 non profit organization. i will be meeting with them to discuss other things and will offer to redesign their site during that meeting.
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    It might be interesting to send a survey/questionnaire to the contacts on your list. Ask each prospect a series of questions that will lead to an improved sales technique later on. Research what this industry's needs are, so that you can appeal to prospects' sensibilities and needs down the road.

    ... But it doesn't stop once you've sent, and received, the surveys. Offer an incentive for participation, perhaps even a free initial consultation.

    The data that you collect can be used for a number of things. As I mentioned, it can be used to gain a better understanding of your target industry, but it can also be used in your marketing collateral, or in published articles. If 75% of the subjects surveyed say that they have plans to use their web site as a marketing tool, it will send a strong message to prospective buyers without websites to say "75% of your competition are using the Web to increase sales", for example.

    This is a technique that I find to be very interesting. I suggest that you give it a try.


    Edit: My suggestion is to try this with FOR-profit organizations. You don't have to "give" your work away to gain traction in any particular market.
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