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    Running many e-commerce shops

    Hi All
    I have come up with some questions, I hope you can answer them.

    I believe, to set up an ecommerce shop, u need the following :

    1 - website address e.g.
    2 - hosting plan (including SSL certificate)
    3 - An ecommerce software to create product description and a shopping art....
    4 - A payment system to accept credit card payments

    Now, I want to setup 5 different ecommerce shops (5 different web site addresses), selling different products.

    What is the best option for me to setup 5 different sites (I may have to create new sites in the future).

    I would have to buy new domain names.

    But would I have to buy new hosting plans, setup new carts and apply for new Payment Processing services. I believe applying for new paymet Services (such as 2Checkout) is the most expensive part of setting up a new ecommerce site? How can I minimise this cost?

    If you are running many ecommerce sites > how are you doing it???

    kind regards

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    Well you have many choices in regards to your server setup. You can have on shared hosting plan, and just add those domains. You can have a different host for each of the five. Or you can even get dedicated hosting (I'd go with option 1). Your shopping cart would have to be setup on each (IIRC many carts charge per domain as well), if you did not want all the sites to have the same eccomerce portion.

    As far as the payment processing goes, I'm not quite sure how to do that. I'm assuming you can't just apply for an umbrella company and use the processing for all the sites? I'm sure many people here know much better than I do regarding this.


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