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    What to do About a Bad Host?

    A few months ago, I purchased a host account with a cheap and unknown company.

    At first they seemed quite reliable, but later on I began to experience many difficulties with them until yesterday, when the MYSQL database I was running was deleted.

    In that MySQL database I had a ton of information and up to 30 articles I had written (the site was a blog).

    I e-mailed them and they told me to check their forums in which they estate that the databases were deleted, but we will get a refund.

    What can I do about this situation? I obviously couldn't care less about the $40 that cost me the account, but I do care about the articles + the time invested.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I doubt there is much you can do - I'm assuming you didn't have backups of your own, although I'm surprised they have no backups themselves as most hosts will perform daily,weekly and monthly backups on all their servers. And you can be their terms clearly state they are not liable for your data.

    Get a new host. Also, have a look through Google's cache - you may be able to retrieve the articles from there. If not, perhaps here may have something


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