I have this code:

{* $Id: menu_users_online.tpl,v 1.2 2004/05/28 12:21:14 max Exp $ *}
{if $users_online}
{capture name=menu}
{foreach from=$users_online item=v}
<FONT class="VertMenuItems">{$v.count}&nbsp;
{if $v.usertype eq 'A'}
{elseif $v.usertype eq 'P'}
{$lng.lbl_provider_s} <!-- -->
{elseif $v.usertype eq 'B'}
$lng.lbl_partner_s = "Artist(s)"
{elseif $v.usertype eq 'C' && $v.is_registered eq 'Y'}
{elseif $v.usertype eq 'C' && $v.is_registered eq 'A'}
{elseif $v.usertype eq 'C' && $v.is_registered eq ''}
{ include file="menu.tpl" dingbats="dingbats_authentification.gif" menu_title=$lng.lbl_users_online menu_content=$smarty.capture.menu }

But where is {$lng.lbl_provider_s} it will output "provider(s)" but instead of using that variable (that i cant find where its located his declaration) i want to output "Artist(s)"...

Help me please !