Hello again (as you can see from all the topics ive posted ive been getting pretty into rails ),

Im in the process of converting my PHP application to Rails and its sooo much easier in Ruby But I hit a wall. I had a CAPTCHA image on the old [php powered] site and a quick google showed me that Ruby also had a GD extension. So I installed Ruby-GD and did a few tests to make sure it works alright, which it does.

Then, I started converting my PHP code to Ruby line by line (for the captcha) and when I finished I crossed my fingers, refreshed, and was both happy and confused.

I was happy because the image showed up somewhat correctly... there were no ruby errors. I was confused because now the words are all jumbled up (letters). So I looked over to make sure I copied it correctly, which i did.

So now im wondering... is the Ruby-GD coordinate (x,y) system different from that of PHP? Or what differences are there in PHP's GD extension to Ruby's GD extension?