This post probably isn't quite what the thread title would imply. Here's the situation: I have a multiline select box populated from a MySQL query. The value for each option is set to the entry's id number; the option text is the entry's name. Each entry has other pertinent options that aren't present in the option itself (yet), such as location, type, author, etc.

What I want to do is this: have input buttons that will automatically prune the list down depending on one of those other "pertinent options". For example, I click on the button that says "View Articles" - the script would automatically remove all items that weren't articles as defined by that option. Then if I clicked on the button that says "View Location One", it would only display items from Location One, also as defined by the option from the query. If it sounds a bit complicated, I can try and explain it better.

I'm a near-total newbie to JavaScript - I'd like to learn, but so far as I can tell, there are no existing scripts like the one I'd like (that are public access). Any assistance would be a huge help, whether it be code, a link, or even a suggestion.

Thanks in advance...