First post here .

I'm pretty new to web development (I have experience in C++), and I decided to start right around when RoR became popular. So I thought, "new language, must be a great place to start," and I jump in with some web-based tutorials. I love the langauge and I love object-oriented, so things are going pretty well.

However, since I'm only using it like I did C++ (offline), I was looking around for books on Ruby/Rails. I came up with these at the top:

Pragmatic Programmer's Guide to Ruby, 2nd ed.
SAMS Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days
Agile Web Development with Rails

If at all possible, I'd like to start with one book first and maybe move on to another later (I like to focus all my attention to one thing).

Would you suggest that I just learn Ruby from web tutorials and get the Agile Rails book for rails, or do I need to get a Ruby reference and learn it before I even touch Rails?

Remember, my only programming experience is C++, no PHP. I'm just beginning to use myAdmin, SQL, Apache2, etc.

Thanks in advance.