Hi, I have a page on my site currently that uses JavaScript rollovers, and I'd like to convert the whole thing to CSS, if I could.
Here's what it looks like now. The thing I want to accomplish is rollover links that produce text on another part of the page when hovered.

So I went and found this tutorial at westciv.com. One difference for me is that I wanted the text to appear to the right alongside the links, instead of below them. So, using that tut and some other sources, put together a little experiment that I've posted here.

The thing is, it works fabulously in Firefox 1.0.7, but in IE 6.0 the popup text doesn't appear (and those are the only two browsers I've tested it in so far). Speaking of testing, I went to w3c.org and ran validators on the HTML and CSS, and according to them my code checks out, but if anyone finds anything hinky please let me know (all I ask is that you let me know politely :P).

So my question is: does anybody know what IE hack I could employ to get it to work there too? I really like the results and I'd like to keep them!