Hello to all PHP Gurus,

My provider just changed the php.ini values and added to "OPEN_BASEDIR" the value "/home/www". They said they must do this for security reasons. And they aren't looking to solve my problem.

Since they changed the value, I cannot upload files to my database and my forum application is hurting because of it. The problem, as I understand it, is PHP is storing the uploaded file somewhere else /tmp. And when the script wants to get the file it looks for it in /home/www. I also read that the directories should be seperated with a colon. Does that mean that the value should look like ":home:www" or like this "/home/www:/home/someotherdirectory"?

Can somebody tell me if my provider is full of it or if they're right but have done the wrong thing. Or maybe there's a way to work around this. I need my uploads!