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There ARE people out there, raking in over 10,000 a month, being self-employed in web design... why can't you and I?
There are plenty of people making 10k+ doing web design! I know because so many of them outsource their tech/programming to me. You can do it

The consistent characteristic of these people is that they provide excellent service and know how to market. They have lawyers and accountants and dont worry too much abou things like tables vs. css, instead worrying about client satisfaction.

They ALL have a high retention rate, and I love watching them grow. This business is still great for people who are dedicated and talented, but you have to be MORE than just a great designer or programmer.

Business skills are required. If you just want to 'live of web designing' then the easiest way is to get a job! I think many will agree that running a business is a whole different kind of a burden - if you dont like doing it it's not fun at all.