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    site review: Comprehensive guide to Rome, italy and Buenos Aires, Argentina

    hi! all,
    We have recently introduced comprehensive guide to Rome, Italy and
    Bueans Aires, Argentina to help travelers. Please click on following links
    to access them.
    Any suggestions, comments or critiques on websites are very welcome.
    Thanks and Regards,

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    I am viewing the sites in Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP at 1024 x 768.


    There seems to be a lot of content here that would be very useful to travellers.

    I find that the background on the home page can interfere with the text when reading, you could consider setting a background of white to the content areas so that the website background is not visible where there is a lot of text.

    The alignment of items in the left hand column is erratic and would be more aesthetic if aligned equally.


    Again a lot of useful content, this one is easier to read without the tiled background.

    I find the colours a little too bright, especially in the menu. The navigation menu link is very bright and the white text on bright green can be difficult to read.


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