I'm pretty new to apache, I just installed it on Windows and listening on port 8080, I tested it with HTML and it works. Also added/tested PHP support. I went through the steps of installing ruby, then rails, added FCGI support. I then tried to start building my first app, I am walking through this http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2...ls.html?page=2 cookbook tutorial.

I can get things to work while running the WEBrick server, but I cant for the life of me seem to get it working on Apache.

I've got the cookbook rails files installed under the htdocs dir underneath Apache's program dir.

If I navigate to the localhost:8080/cookbook directory I get an error:

Routing Error
Recognition failed for "/cookbook"

Same thing if I try localhost:8080/

Routing Error
Recognition failed for "/"

I would greatly appreciate any help so I can get this running!