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    Pop-up form submission

    I'm having a few problems... none are caused by my browser, so they are proving hard to troubleshoot. A user has pointed a couple out to me.

    I have this code as part of a script:

    (I have inserted hard breaks to make the post look better)


    "subForm" targets "confirmation". The user is getting two windows instead of one. One contains the initial window document and the other contains the form action. Also, she says they are both big... the size (of at least one) should be 250x250. She is running AOL 6 and IE 5.5 on the related computer.

    Perhaps a timeout would help the 2 window situation? Why are the windows big and not 250x250? If you know what's going on please let me in on it.

    This same user has a laptop that runs AOL 4 and IE 4 (she thinks). On that computer the form is submitting to one window, but none of the data is making it to the new window. I am guessing this has to do with the way I have the "form" and "table" tags within the javascript document.write statements. Does anyone know a good web page on this subject? OR What else the problem might be?

    Ok, next issue! I am trying to submit a form using Netscape 4.03. When the submit button calls the related function I receive: "subForm is not defined". Here is the line that is throwing the error:

    eml =;

    The final problem is regarding the same form. When I hit the submit button in N6... nothing happens.

    Like I said, I am not experiencing any of these errors in my regular browser ( IE 5.01 ). (good browser... want a treat boy? submit the form. GOOD browser!)

    Thanks for any help,
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