A few months ago Sitepoint was a great site with excellent member base for which you could sell almost anything you wanted...for free! But now the men upstairs have started to think along the lines of..."now we have people wanting to sell we should charge them a stupid amount even though there arenít guarantied a sell..." and so on. Well i have something to say about this!

I understand why they are doing this...to make money...but when you charge nearly $10 for advertising a service, think they are over stepping that fine mark by a little.

I have an idea for you Sitepoint coders, if you make its so any payment have to go through Sitepoint (bit like eBay) and then take the listing fee that way people who donít sell what they want do get ripped off.

Iím expecting a few harsh comments now but I had to speak my mind and let all know that Sitepoint are turning into an internet monopoly and if we donít do something about it they will keep on charge what they wonít!!