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LOL. I'll never buy Apple.
Well, I'll have to be explicit here. Yes, so far my experiences with Apple hardware is abysmal. Yes, my hard drive failed on me. Yes, tech support is goofy sometimes. But, with that said, OS X is (in my opinion) the best OS out there right now, and it is not really comparable to XP. Apple's hardware design is amazing- my iPod is still fantastic to use and the newest iMac blows anything else I've used out of the water.

Yes, I'm frustrated to no end with the fact that all of this happened, but I still think Apple is way ahead of the pack. Hard drives fail every now and then (just google "hard drive failure" and see for yourself) and besides, Apple doesn't make their hard drives. So yes, it was unfortunate, but I am still very glad that I have an iMac now.