So I'm going to take some time out and just say how much I love OS X. Yes, I got my new iMac G5.

Let's just start out by saying that I've been a PC user for about 15 years. I literally grew up on the stuff. I had heard OS X was fairly good, but after playing around with it for a weekend I finally understand that everyone meant that it was really good. It's kind of one of those things that you have to play around with for a good day or two before you really start seeing the gigantic benefits of it (yeah, you see the eye candy right away, but functionally OS X really shines a bit later). I mean... ease of application installs... consistant UI (even third party apps)... innovative hardware (Front Row is an utterly fine idea... I'm so glad my iMac has that)... and software that's just amazing. For example, iPhoto blew me away with ease of use. I had all my 2,000 photos and videos indexed in what seemed like minutes. iTunes let me move my playlist (and ever-important playcounts) easy. And, even more surprisingly, I might be dropping Firefox and Thunderbird, stout supporter of Mozilla I am: I really like Safari and Mail. And Adium has blown past even my lofty satisfaction with Trillian.

So yeah. If you're thinking about a Mac... think harder, head to an Apple Store, play around for awhile. They really are amazing.

Okay. Don't really know if I had any insightful things to say with this thread except to voice my support for Apple now. I don't want to start a flamefest- Windows is a good OS, you can do a lot of things in Windows and I know some people will like XP and some will like X, so let's just leave it at that (and that I like X better!)

Oh, and in an effort to pump some longevity out of this: any supertastic suggestions for a new Mac convert in regards to Dashboard recommendations, other applications, uber good reading material? I'll take what I can get... this stuff is cool.

Oh, and another thing (which possibly could be branched off in another thread, but I'll throw it in here while I'm on the topic)... any good resources or starts to programming for OS X? I think I'd be interested in doing so (if only for my personal satisfaction).

God, I'm such an Apple fanboy now.