From my thread on the technical aspects:

I run the first site for phpBB hacks and the largest source of phpBB related downloads on the internet. There is a site out there that is using a script to harvest data directly from our database. Author name, version number, the .zip file, our description, the title, everything. Just taking it. No ethics, no morals, forget it. He's a scumbag. He's banned from my community.

Now, much of the content, I can't lay a claim to legally. The only possible thing I can is descriptions. In a lot of cases, descriptions are similar what authors provide with some help from myself. A capital letter here, a period here, etc. But, a lot of the time they are hybrid of what the author submits and what I write. In those cases, a lot of the time they are from the .zip file, so they are similarly GPL. But some of the time, they are not and some of the time I write the whole thing. In those cases, those descriptions are copyrighted to me. His host, however, has acted very unprofessionally - sharing my entire e-mails with him and telling him he's got "nothing to worry about."

... We added a new download last night and he ran his script today and now has it. I have worked for years to build my database on quality and on author permission and he is completely violating that work and everything that we stand for.
I'm looking for more of the legal side of things here. Any input would be great. Basically, the content isn't copyright to us except for the descriptions that I wrote which are on my site only. But there are not loads of those. So, that is kind of weak legally, even though the law is still on my side. He's accessing my server, taking my bandwidth, etc.

I'm a little tired right now as its late so I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out. Any questions, please ask.