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    Help! popupwindow

    :'( I have an HTML page that has a list of songs on it, kinda like this:

    1. Never let me go

    2. The sun is shining

    3. Cats and Dogs

    I have programmed the list so that when the user clicks on a title, a popup appears and the user can select which media program he can use to hear the song, with real player, wmp, or quicktime.

    it works fine. however, i wanted to create code so that when they choose their selection (for example, real media player) the popup page clears and then using document.write, I can print code for an activex plugin and an image with a javascript:self.close() function.

    The code works the way it is right now, but the page does not clear and then show the plug in, it merely starts playing the activex plug in in the background, still with the original 3 list of players to chose, although i have used the document.clear() function before writing the code for the plugin. what am i doing wrong??????????? help!!!!!!!!!! :'(

    I am new to sitepoint so I don't know how to attach a file!
    The javascript file can be seen at:

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    The link to your code doesn't work--you can go ahead and just copy/paste the code into your post. Just put your code in between a two "code" tags--

    [ code ]

    code goes here

    [ / code ]

    (Don't have the extra spaces, though.) And when you do that, you get this:

    code goes here


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