Hey folks-

I just wanted to let everyone know that Rails 1.0 is right around the corner. The rc2 cantidate was released today and they are saying that 1.0 will be released in the next 2 weeks. This is *big* news because rails 1.0 has over 300 new features than .13.1! Here is an overview of significant new features:


Rails 1.0 is also more than *TWICE* as fast as .13.1! Here is a rails 1.0 performance report:

Note that Rails .14.1 is 1.0rc2 so get ready for the 1.0 release. There are some seriously great new feature like fastcgi spawner, spinner, reaper that makes controlling your fcgi's a lot nicer. There is also Migrations and Scheme.rb which allow you to define your database tables entirely in ruby with support for mySQL, postgreSQL and SQLite. SO write one ruby script to define a table and it can dump a schema for all three of those databases! DB independence and even closer to writing no SQL(if thats your thing...). Also there is a new plug in functionality that makes adding extensions like acts_as_taggable and others dead simple. Also Switchtower is a deployment app that can issue one command to scheck out your current runk out of svn and deploy it to a cluster of servers and even upgrade the production db schemas all within like 20 seconds. And it even puts up a temporarily under construction page for your users while it does the upgrades.

Rails is really becoming a platform that seriously kicks ***. If you haven't checked it out yet your missing out. Even if you don't want to use it there is much to be learned and applied to other languages/frameworks.