I have a strong php/mysql background, but I've never worked with ruby before. I've been messing around with trying to get rails working on my server.

I got as far as generating a webapp with the "rails" command and getting the "congratulations, you're on rails" page to work. But every time I ./script generate somecontroller and ./script generate somemodel, the script executes successfully, but I get no new controller.

http://server/railsapp/somecontroller returns a 404, when it should be displaying the "hello world" message I set in it's def index in the controller rb file.

I've followed quite a few tutorials, including this one ( http://darkhost.mine.nu:8080/~vince/rails/tutorial.html ) in exacting detail. I end up with the same problem every time. I generate controllers, they don't work. What gives? Is my Apache / ruby / rails setup borked? Did I miss something in the controller generation process?


I get the same problem on Webrick as I do with Apache. I'd prefer to use Apache, as I'm using other scripting languages for other software.

The error is a generic 404, as if the controller doesn't exist.

The code is simply:

class WeblogController < ApplicationController
    model :weblog
    def index
        render_text "Hello World"
And "map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'" is present in routes.rb.

Is there something else I can check that might be causing both webservers to throw 404s?