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    Whats in a professional book?

    I have recently come to an alarming shock about so called "Professional" PHP books. I recently purchased "Professional PHP Programming" and its hardly "Professional" at all in its written nature. It reviews several web applications, very briefly and it rarely discusses the one major issue in ALL applications, especially shopping cart applications.


    I would like to hear from other devlopers on what they think is the best practices for a "professional" PHP developer. My Techniques right now are reviwing other applications and improving on them.

    I am trying to gain a better professional edge by reading some boooks for the pros on how to improve application speed, security, and code ethics. As I see and hear so far, no such book has been made yet. Some come close, but no cigar. The other book I grabbed was PHP 4 Bible, which I thought was a much better written book for the beginner. It reminds me of dummies books and how they were written, which always impressed me because they actually taught me something in a great way.

    I would love to hear from other devlopers on this issue.
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    I never actually grabbed any books on PHP while learning it.
    You can get eveyrthing form the internet. -> their online documentation is the bets i've seen. consider the user comments too. brilliant resource -> articles are ingenious! they cover almost all the topics you'll evern encounter or require.
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