OK, before we start, i'm useless with JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Networks, MySQL i'm all fine with, but JavaScript is just one big pain in the butt to me, so please be gentle.

OK, here is my question:

I'm using the fantistic ss:links on my new site as a links page (http://eerie.net/daboyz/links/), and to try and mike the site look cool i'm using:

onMouseover="this.bgColor='#02305A'" onMouseout="this.bgColor='#04417A'"
to make the background color change in my tables (I found the code on a javascript site somewhere). what I wanted to do now was make it so that if a user click on the table (not link, just the table) it will foward them to the page requested.

I believe that if I set onMouseover within the <table> tag it should work (fingers crossed) but I don't know how to complete the code.

I hope this makes sence.

Thenx Guys and Gals.