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    Spy Security Systems

    Please review my website:
    I'm new to the internet business community and have made a few sales on my site.
    I am not too familiar with HTML code and I have not designed any sites.
    I purchased a Stores Online website. I am able to make minor additions to the site myself and can access some of their html pages through my account with them or add verbage or basic links with the builit in editor program.
    Of primary concern on the maing page. I have one live link to another business website. I want to add additional links and have them show up next or adjacent to the other links. When I add another line of html code it shows up immediatley below. I want to use the horizontal space to add a few more links to other sites. This is my main request.
    Also, on the left side under navigation and under the cameras, I have some unused space. Storesonline advised my that I could download the html code (and I can) and paste in the Google Adsense. When I do this the page loads "with errors"; the site is visible but I cannot see the Google Ads. When I save the page in notepad with an htm/html extension and open the page itself in IE6.0 to review, I can see the google Ad, but when I publish and view live, it does not appear.
    Also, as you can see on the website it only takes up about two-thirds of the screen. I also thought of placing ads on the right side.
    Any ideas on appearance would also be appreciated.
    I am also looking for other sources of surveillance cameras that I could sell on my site. Any recommendations?

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    you aren't asking for a review, you are asking for free consulting. if Stores Online won't/can't support you then hire a designer/developer who can either do what you want and maintain the site for you set you up with a content managment system customized to your needs and desires.

    I don't mean to sound harsh but it sounds like you are ready to take the next step a nd get a professional web site rather than relying on a canned site with limited options that obviously is not meeting your requirements


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