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Thread: Credit Card.

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    Credit Card.


    For the past few years, I have been using my fatherís credit card for online payment by his permission. I have been using it quite often for wired money transfer too.
    Today I was discussing this with my father and he has told me I have much money in my bank and itís kind of risky using it online looking at the frauds happening these days.
    He then told me that he will be making another credit card under his name , bank account and everything and have just the required amount in the credit card that I need and I will be then given the access to his account and everything I will then have to wired the money myself and everything.
    I agreed with him and I just would like to know what are the necessary things that needs to be done in this case. What else should I do and needs to be done ?
    Is this legal ?

    Has anyone ever been in this situation ?

    Thank you.
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    Maybe credit card policies are different in your country, because I'm not completely following the concern. Are you talking about a credit card (line of credit with a company that you pay back at a later time) or a debit card (which is directly linked to a bank account and each transaction takes money out of your checking account)?

    In the US, the credit card companies generally have good policies when it comes to handling fraudulent transactions. I haven't kept up with the debit cards but I believe the policies for them have improved over the last several years.


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